2nd March 2018

Last week in Reception we celebrated Chinese New Year!
We learnt the story of the animals and the children were all brilliant at remembering the order the animals came in! We watched videos to find out how Chinese children celebrate the new year and the children were all very interested in this! After watching a video about a Chinese New Year parade we even had a go at doing our own dragon dance! We also used our scissor skills on the finger gym to make a Chinese dragon. As part of Friday activities we tasted some Chinese food, and the children all tried noodles, sweet and sour sauce, prawn toast, prawn crackers and spring rolls.
Here are some pictures of us celebrating Chinese New Year!

On Wednesday this week the snow came and the children in school had great fun playing in the snow! They all came well prepared and we wrapped up warm with our wellies on and went to explore the snow! Some children made snow angels, threw snowballs at a target on the wall, filled buckets with snow and we explored some amazing icicles that we found in our outside area! When we came in from playing outside in the afternoon we had a very special treat of hot chocolate to warm up which the children enjoyed very much! We were too busy having fun to take many photos, but here are a few!

We hope to see you all wrapped up warm on Monday!

2nd February

This week in Literacy our book of the week has been “The Aliens Are Coming”. We have used this book to do lots of work on rhyme, and describing lots of different aliens. The children have thought of lots of different ways to talk about the aliens.

In maths we have been looking at number 9. The children have been introduced to part-whole models and we have been finding different ways to make number 9 by adding.

Our mini me challenges have included writing about aliens, writing number sentences that add up to 9, recognising the letter names and making patterns on a giant peg board.

We have now opened the mud kitchen outside and the children have been having loads of fun playing in it! As you can imagine the children can get very messy playing in here! We have provided all in one suits for them to wear while playing to protect their clothes, but the children should have a pair of wellies in school to put on when they are needed!

Today the children will be bringing home their half term homework. Their work pack includes a holiday diary, a list of tricky words, a word mat and a space man. Their challenge is to write a sentence or two each day about what they have done, remembering to include a capital letter at the start, finger spaces (with the help of their space man!) and a full stop at the end.

After the half term holidays our PE day will be changing to Monday. This is because we are lucky enough to have some staff from Woodkirk Academy coming to help teach our PE lessons. Please make sure children have a named PE kit in school. This should be in a drawstring bag, our cloakroom is not big enough to accommodate backpacks and so it is becoming very messy and difficult to keep track of the children’s belongings. As a reminder, the children should only be bringing a book bag to school each day, as we are able to store these in the classrooms rather than the cloakroom.

Here are some pictures of our great learning this week

26th January

We are loving our space topic!

This week we have read the story of Whatever Next, and looked at speech bubbles in stories and even had a go at writing our own!

In Maths we have been looking at 3D shapes and their properties, including cubes, cuboids, cylinders and cones, and thinking about how many edges, faces and corners they have.

We have been learning more tricky words, have a practise of this song at home to help you learn them.

Our mini me challenges have included making playdough aliens, writing help letters, writing book reviews and counting out pieces of pasta. The children have all enjoyed playing in our new Chinese Restaurant role play area in preparation for learning about Chinese New Year after half term.

In Friday activities this week we have had lots of fun! RB have tried space food, and RT made rockets out of balloons and tested how far they would fly outside! Next week the classes will swap and do the other activity.

We have also put our space display up in the corridor, the children all helped to collage the different planets and wrote facts about them. It looks great!

Thank you to those parents who came to support our Open Morning. This time we had a focus on writing, and including capital letters, full stops and finger spaces in our sentences as well as making sure our words are spelt phonetically and we can include some of our tricky words in our sentences! You can help at home by practising writing sentences, about anything!

We hope all our children are doing their best in our whole school reading challenge too! In Reception the challenge is for children to read or be read to for 50 minutes in a week, this is just 10 minutes 5 times a week. This will make a huge difference to children’s reading! Each time you read for 10 minutes, put a tick in the box in the sticker in their reading records. Each week those who have completed the challenge will get a sticker on our special chart and will be in with a chance to win books or even a kindle!

Here are some photos of our learning this week, and us having fun for Friday activities!

23rd November

In Literacy this week we have been looking at the book “Commotion in the Ocean”, which has lots of poems about different under the sea animals in. We have looked at different ways of describing sea creatures and had a go at finding rhyming words. We have learnt new sounds th, ch, z and qu in Read Write Inc this week.

In Numeracy we have learnt how to make a tally chart and the children have spent the week surveying the class about what their favourite sea creature is.

The mini me challenges this week have included continuing a rhyming string, making a collage of a sea creature, building a ship in the construction area, and making 5 by printing numicon in the playdough.

We have also spent lots of time practising for our nativity! If your child has any lines please help them by practising them at home. The songs are sounding brilliant! Make sure you have returned your slips for tickets as soon as possible!

Here are some pictures of our great learning this week


17th November

In Literacy this week we have continued telling the story of the hermit crab and his shell, and we have looked at the characters, adding different characters to the story. The children have all done some writing about the story. In phonics we have introduced the sounds j, v, y and w.

In Numeracy we have started the our number study of the number 5. We have been looking at different ways to make 5, and started introducing adding 2 numbers together to make 5.

The mini me challenges this week have included making a beautiful rainbow fish by weaving, playing a trash or treasure phonics game, and writing all about sea creatures.

Thank you to all the parents who came to our open afternoon yesterday, it was lovely to see the children share their learning with you.

Here are some pictures of our open afternoon and our great learning from this week!